Domo Arigato, Mr. Watchboto.

Does this or does this not look like a tiny little wrist worn monitor screen from some 60s or 70s flick like Logan's Run or maybe Buck Rogers or something? Well, it's not.
It is, in fact, a wristwatch.  An Armitron wristwatch.  I think that's very fitting because a wrist is part of an "ARM", "I" am writing this, and the movie "TRON" is very futuristic. So, there you go.
When a battery is inserted, the screen lights up with red digital numbers.  This would be a great watch to wear if you got pushed into a black hole, because the display is very bright and attention-getting.  Of course, any light emitted from the display would be sucked away before you could see it, and you would be in the process of being elongated to the point of being several thousand light years long, so you probably wouldn't care about what time it is, except for finding out how much longer the pain and horror will last, and this watch won't help  you with that. 
The watch isn't in the greatest shape, but probably it can be cleaned up and buffed or polished.  You can't see it in the picture, but the word ARMITRON is embossed on the display screen in the lower left side. 
Everything seems to work fine regarding the digital components. 
In all honesty, it's an ugly watch.  But all of you retro dorks out there probably think it's the cat's pajamas, which is weird because cat's don't wear pajamas.  If you are a retro dork you should buy this watch and pretend you're Buck Rogers or his girlfriend, whats-her-name.