Jacques Cousteau wishes he had one of these.

The magnificent Seiko Diver. Bom, bom, bom, bom....
Or at least his wife wishes she had one.  It's a ladies' model, after all.  I'm sure that because ol' Jack spent most of his life on and under the water, his significant other probably spent most of her time in the cabin cooking casseroles and cakes, and keeping the ship spic and span and smelling of lysol.  Being on a boat, she most certainly got the occasional drop of water on her.  Likely from the sink, where she was scrubbing dishes.  So if she had forgotten her rubber gloves, she would need a watch that could stand up to the rigors of a shipboard hausfrau.
I'm joking.  Relax.
She probably had a watch like a Rolex Submariner or an Omega Seamaster.  Amateur.
Maybe they didn't offer this little jewel in France.  But surely Mr. Cousteau could have sent Mrs. Cousteau to a fine watch retailer during one of her trips into various port cities to buy groceries and deodorant and that frilly underwear that Jack was so fond of. 
It's too bad he didn't, because this thing is tough. Tonka tough. 
Strap it to your wrist and fugitaboutit. 
No matter if you're battling herds of great white sharks below the ice of a Norwegian fjord, or being slowly turned inside out as you descend the Marianas Trench, you can count on knowing the time.
I got this watch in the very first grab-bag of watches that I bought.  Sweet.
You know some poor sucker out there is missing this little baby.  Too bad.  It's mine.  All mine.
As evinced by the pics, it is in 'well-loved' condition, but what do you expect?  A Seiko diver in pristine condition speaks volumes about the owner.  It says that you wear your deep-sea explorer's watch only in the kiddie pool, or in the geriatric hot-tub at the Y when you're feeling randy (or feeling Randy). 
This watch has seen some action, you can count on that.  It has character.  It has true grit.  Or, because it is a ladies' model, we should say that it has character and fluffy kittens.  Regardless, you don't want to mess with this watch.  Or Texas. 
The face and case are scratched quite thoroughly, but the movement works perfectly.  It has a new rubberized band that I bought all by myself using my allowance and paper route money.
It's a cool watch. Cool like the ocean depths and cool like three martini evenings beneath the spangled skies of Monte Carlo.
So, in the paraphrased words of Pontius Pilate, a man who really should have listened to his wife, gather 'round and -
"Ecce, Seiko."


You look so cute splashing about like a seal in your wetsuit, darling. 
Now, don't be silly, I'm quite sure that massive fin bearing down on us at terrifying speed belongs to nothing more than a very, very, very, very, very, very big porpoise.

This is a Caravelle Dive watch.  Caravelle is a sub-brand of Bulova.  Bulova makes quality timepieces.  Bulova makes Caravelle. Therefore, this is a quality timepiece.
As can be seen from the picture, this watch is in 'well-loved' condition.  There is a large scratch on the spinny black dial around the face and the crystal is a little dull.  I think this is because the watch was pried from a cold, dead hand that washed up on the shore after being separated from the arm of a diver that mistook a great white shark for a great white dolphin.
I think this watch is really cool, ya know?  It's got a real 1970s Jaws, Richard Wagner, Burt Reynolds, BJ and the Bear vibe going.  And I tell all the chicks that the big scratch was caused by a great white shark with rabies and mutated opposable thumbs wielding a sixteenth century Spanish cutlass it recovered from the deep sea ruins of an ancient caravelle, while simultaneously gnawing at my muscled arm as I wrestled it from the poop deck of a cruise ship filled with orphaned children and puppies and kittens back into the black depths of the forbidding Caribbean.
Despite all that, this watch works extremely well.  I mean, come on, it's in remarkably good condition for what it's been through.
It is a bit silly that it states it is water resistant right on the face.  Hello?  It's a dive watch.  It's made to be in and around water.  Are there dive watches that have to be kept in your mouth, or other, less accessible orifices, when you dive?  Lotta good them would do ya.
If you are planning to swim with big sharks or mentally deranged, bloodthirsty razor-back dolphins, or, if you just like to know the time while you loll in a nice, warm, jasmine scented bubblebath, then I would get this watch.


Is there anything Timex can't do?

The answer is 'no'. 
Timex can do anything to which it sets it's mind (My girlfriend is correct. Proper grammar does sound stupid, sometimes.  Please don't tell her I said she was right).
Timex has a long history of making quality, affordable timepieces.  They go way back.  Stonehenge - that was Timex.  Big Ben - again, Timex.  The Eiffel Tower -it's actually a ginormous sundial - you guessed it...Timex.
This is a Timex Chronograph Diver.  It's been scuffed and scratched but it works great.  I don't know how to set the digital readout, so I wear it rarely. 
It's neat-o.


Dude, you forgot the "L"...

See, right there on the face, it says "Nautica" instead of "Nautical."
Man, how did that get by quality control? 
I really think this watch is tops, except for the stupid sailboat on the face.  I think sailboat people wear slimcase/fancypants/roman numeral watches with alligator leather bands that match their stupid 'boat' shoes and white shorts and Lacoste polos with lightweight summer sweaters tied jauntily around their shoulders.  Buncha dweebs.
The people who would wear this watch could kick the sailboat people's asses with both hands tied behind their back and both legs encased in concrete and using only their eyeballs.  Even then it would take only about five seconds because the sailboat guys would run squealing back to Falcon Crest or Buttwad Manor after the first hint of a scuffle that might ruffle their pomaded pompadours.
As you can see in the picture, there's a cat hair on the watch.  The watch didn't come that way.  It was an aftermarket accessory. 
Everything works well movt/readout/chronometer wise and it's in good shape overall.
If you're a naval enthusiast who loves having seamen all over his poopdeck, then get this watch.
If you're a sailboat dude, go get a new pair of tan and white loafers and stay outta my way.