The rare, elusive, and like, totally bogus Seiko Antimagnetic wind up with Swiss Movt.

The honor of being first in the Seiko category goes to . . . a knockoff. 
And a very strange knockoff at that. 
Here you see what claims to be a  Seiko sporting an interesting crown logo, a very 1950s futuristic case shape, and what to my eyes appears to be very well made movement (insert poopie jokes here) claiming to be Swiss (insert chocolate/poopie jokes here).  The movement is wind-up (more jokes) and runs well and has a massive tick that sounds like a time-bomb. The face is a nice, shiny champagne color.
The watch is very heavy being made case and all of stainless steel.  The whole kit and kaboodle is in excellent condition with the exception of two prominent scratches on either side of the Seiko name on the face.  Dammit. 
Though it's hard to tell in the picture, the crystal has a cool plateau thing going, being angled downward from the flat center.  And the back is screw off (jokes anyone?).
Nowhere is there anything to identify the actual maker. Which is to be expected, I suppose
Overall, it's a neat oddity and I've gotten a lot of positive comments on the design.  If it weren't for the freakin' scratches on the face it would be virtually perfect. 
Oh, well. Such is life, eh?
On to the next watch . . .

Hey, that's not too bad...

This claims to be a Rolex. I think it is not.  I do think it is a very good, um, 'replica.'
The maker was careful to include the hallmarks of an authentic Rolex;  logo on the crown and bracelet, raised logo on the face, high magnification date window, correct screw-off back, movement claiming to be swiss, Swiss made on the face, smooth sweep second hand, screw down crown, etc.  And all the words are spelt correctly, which is more than can be said for some other replicas in my possession.  It feels hefty, too. 
So, why don't I think it's authentic.  Just a feeling, I get.  Sort of like the one I get when I watch my neighbor's step-mom sunbathe. Well, actually it's not like that at all.  But, how stupid would a person have to be to put a real Rolex in a thrift shop bin?  Real stupid, that's how.
It is a nice watch regardless of authenticity.  And, let's face it, most derfwangs you meet on your daily rounds won't even notice your watch unless it's a like, really super-nice brand like Fossil or Relic that lights up and makes noise so the whole room can get jiggy with it. 

Brand:  Claims to be Rolex -I'd say that's doubtful.
Ladies model DateJust
Stainless steel case and bracelet
Swiss (?) wind up movement works well.
Great condition, with no noticeable scratches or dings.


Rating:  Not bad for a fake.  I give it Six Longines for the effort.


Not even close...

This looks like a Rolex at first glance.  It's heavy and has swell quality movt. 
It's not a Rolex.  How do I know?
The spazz who made it forgot to put SWISS MADE on the face.  What a doofwad.  That's only like the biggest deal ever.  A Rolex gots to read Swiss Made on the face.  If you can't remember that, then you need to leave your third-world sweatshop and move into the hills to become a mentally deranged mountain man who eats berries and bird droppings and sees God peeking at him from behind tall trees. Think you can manage that, Mr. I-forgot-the-most-important-piece-of-authentication-on-my-latest-forgery?

Brand:  Claims to be Rolex.  It's not.
Submariner Men's Model.
Materials:  Stainless Steel bracelet and case.
Movement:  Surprisingly nice wind up movt. claiming to be Swiss.  Doubtful. Works great, though.
Condition:  Very good.  A few small scratches on the crystal and case, but none obvious except under close inspection.  All parts work well.

Rating:  Because of the unforgivable boo-boo of forgetting the Swiss Made attestation on the face, this otherwise nice fake gets a Red Lightning BowtieDo better next time, punk.