All in the (Manson) Family

What? No, no, no.  Not CHARLES Manson! 
I meant the Manson Family of fine timepieces.  Good grief.
I would think this watch probably represents the grandmother of the family, or maybe the slightly odd auntie who wears a lot of crocheted shawls and smells like mothballs and Ben-gay (how long? yuk, yuk, yuk).
But seriously, folks, this is a pretty nice little watch.  It's Swiss made, as you can see by the writing on the face, and the movement seems to work just fine. 
The face is in very good condition, with little noticeable wear and no visible scratches.  The gold (plate?) of the metal body is tarnished a little, and is worn in several places.  I haven't attempted to polish it because I have no idea how to do it without ruining the watch. 
The coloring is really beautiful.  The white is very smooth and creamy like yogurt, and the gold is bright and intact like, well, little hunks of gold.  It looks enameled, but that's a guess, as I'm not sure how to identify true enameling as opposed to faux enameling. Like I said, it's in great shape.
I have not removed the back, so I can't relay what is written, or not written, on the movt., and inside the plate.  However, as seen in the picture, the back reads, as do most Swiss watches it seems, BASE METAL SWISS, and has a neat little geometric design that I assume to be a logo. The back plate is worn and has been roughed up like a nerd with headgear and suspenders who wandered inadvertently into the Greaser Gang's territory while lost in thought trying to solve some mindbending mathematical conundrum.  Or like the previous owner wore it a lot and loved it.
The strap is kind of neat, too, though I don't think it's original.  It's hard to tell from the pictures, but it has a sort of dichroic (or more precisely, multichromatic) shimmer overlaying the leather.  In the light it looks very much like fish scales.  That sounds gross enough to gag a maggot but is actually very pretty.  The strap is a little worse for the wear (rimshot) but is still presentable.
I like this watch a lot.  A whole heckuva lot.  In fact, to be completely blunt, I think it's far too nice for my stinky old afghan wearing auntie.  So I'm keeping it.
And that's all I've got to say about that.

Except that here are some more pics: 


From Russia with Love (and 17 Jewel Movement)

I know what you're thinking; is this watch really Russian?  Well, I can answer with absolute iron-clad surety that I don't know.
I think it might be a Russian watch.  This is because the writing on the face looks to be Cyrillic.  However, the ink is faded and somewhat broken and even under a high-powered loupe I can't make it out. For all I know it may read:  El Cheapo - Tijuana. 
The writing below the hands seems to indicate 17 jewel movt, and inspection of the movt. confirms this. Very clever detective work, I know.
Strangely, I can't find any branded writing on the movt. itself.  Again, I've looked using a high magnification loupe.  In addition to 17 Jewels, there are five letters that look like IBOIA.  That's not a word. 
The case back has five numbers stamped into it but nothing else. 
The metalwork of the band and cover are brass or bronze, I guess, because there is a bit of verdigris in some of the nooks and crannies.  The slightly imperfect proportions of the work makes me think it was done either by hand or an ill-timed tiny machine.  The watch winds nicely and seems to keep good time. 
I wish I could get a better pic of the face, but nothing I've tried can get it any clearer than what is shown. 
This is a really cool little ladies watch.  It, more than almost any other in my collection, as been the focus of positive attention.  Besides a few small wear marks and some easily cleanable (but not by me just yet) verdigris, it is in great condition.  The cover pops open and snaps closed easily and stays closed. 
Again, any info on this little beauty would be greatly appreciated.


auRiise, please.

Here's a nifty little piece of horological wonder.  The auRiise Orbit De Luxe ladies model wristwatch. It's hard to tell from the picture, but the face reads:  auRiise and below the hands 17 jewels. The case back reads Swiss Made, Metal Coated Plastic, Orbit De Luxe.  The watch is extremely lightweight, owing to the metal coated plastic, but seems to work perfectly.  The crystal, or plastic, over the face has a peculiar shiny effect and is utterly scratch free.  The face is pure white with gold hands and a neat-o satellite or sumpin' in red.  The blue around the perimeter of the face appears to be enameled, but that's a guess.  All in all, this is a really neat watch that is an attention getter.  I have no further info on the maker and all, so if anyone can help, then thanks in advance.


It's a Swisskors...

That's because it says Swiss made, which I have no reason to doubt, but the company website indicates that the company is Korean.  The site also has a header that reads:  NIVADA of Switzerland since 1926, so I don't know what the heck is going on.
It's a nice watch, runs well and all that, and is in very good condition.  I just can't get past the Nivada brand.  It's like Krispy Kreme, or U Tote 'em, or Krazy Glue.  Some people think it's cute to misspell words intentionally.  I think it's stupid.  At least, it makes the speller appear to be stupid.  If you can spell words correctly, then why spell them incorrectly? 
That's why Americans get the reputation for being so stoopid. 
Also, the website has a little spinning Nivada logo at the top which makes me think of websites created by some little old lady who sells her crocheted coasters for extra denture and prune money.  Not professional.

Whatever.  Nice watch.  Stoopid name.


That's not a real word!

NOBLIA, I mean. It's one of those irritating made up words like Integra, or U-Tote-em, or Maxima or a thousand others.  Or, like one of those fake words for things or experiences that have no real word by which to express them. I can't remember what the overall idea was called, but some of the words were pretty funny.  I only remember one - Motodrift - which is when you're sitting in a parked car and the parked car next to you suddenly begins to move out of it's space throwing off your sense of motion so you feel like your car is the one moving.  Sometimes it's so disconcerting that you stomp on your brake and send your cherry slurpy and nachos flying into the dashboard.  I mean, that's what I've heard.  It's never happened to me, or whatever.

Here's what some website said about NOBLIA:  Established in 1924, Citizen Watches founded the fabulous Noblia watch. Brilliantly constructed with exacting specifications and performance testing, the Noblia watch earned the distinction of being used as the official watch of the 1995 Louis Vuitton Cup, Challenger Races for the America's Cup.
A Noblia watch offers standards of excellence that have no equal, Each superb timepiece also features solid stainless steel bracelets, fittings and double-locking clasps for added protection, providing incomparable quality and value in a luxury watch

That's pretty high praise.  Of course, they completely glossed over the name.  Why not call it Fancilula, or Imerichia, or lookatmelia. Actually, Noblia is better than many other made up words that want to pass as arcane or portmanteaus.  At least it's not as bad as that fake German word that VW had everybody giggling about a few years back.  Fartlickpoopin or whatever.  If I ever hear anyone say that word outside of a scathingly ironic context, I'll pinch their arm skin really hard.
This watch is in great shape, works fine.  It's a Noblia inia fantasticia conditionia.

Lucerne and Shirley

Spleneen, splabobble, hasenpfeffer incorporated...weal gunny do lit!

Give us any yard, we'll rake it.
Give us any brain we'll bake it.
We're gonna make a cream fondue,
Do in it tar weigh?

Man, have you seen Penny Marshall, lately?  Hers is one of the few cases in which I would advocate plastic surgery. 
A lot of plastic surgery.
I'm sure it has a lot to do with being such a 'ho' on that sitcom.  I mean, her character worked at a brewery.  She was probably constantly wasted on overflow beer and shagging a neverending stream of german immigrant temp workers smelling of sauerkraut and packing big sausages, if you know what I mean...

What I mean is packing big sausages for lunch, perv.

I think she also had some sort of illicit bdsm relationship with Arthur Fonzarelli and Leather Tuscadero, but that may be only hearsay.  Oh, and I think Carmine Ragusa - The Big Ragu - may have been involved, as well.

Here's a watch.  You can look at it if you want.

Brand:  Lucerne - Calendar model (sexy!)
Materials:  Um, metal.  I don't know what the face is made of;  could be ceramic, could be plastic, could be human bone for all I know.
Movement:  Swiss winding.  It only runs when you shake it, and then only briefly.  The little wheel doohickey that turns the thingamajig that spins the hands won't stay going.  When you try to wind it, it feels as if it is wound already.  I started to poke around in the movement (said the smuggler to the shady jewel merchant) but realized I had no idea what I was doing, so I stopped. I know some watches have a tiny little switch that releases something in the watch innards that makes a pleasing whirring noise and consequently allows the watch to be re-wound, which sometimes magically fixes everything.  This watch, however, has that little switch well hidden. This is probably so people like me don't throw the switch and whirr everything out of whack.
Condition:  It's been worn.  I think a good cleaning would do wonders for the case, but I'm not doing it.  The crystal has some very small marks that may or may not rub off.  The face is in terrific condition.  The movement is also in great condition, except that whole not-working thing.  The band needs to be replaced with one that fits properly.