The Loch Ness Sea Cow.  Oh, and a watch.

We all know sweet ol' Nessie, the cruelly nicknamed "Loch Ness Monster".  And we've all seen the famous picture of her poking her sweet little head through the top of the loch.  All she was trying to do was give the photog a sloppy slobber kiss. But the unfeeling tabloid press turned her lovey dovey gesture into the rabid, gnashing, thrashing death-thrust of a deep-water killbeast with a taste for human blood. Or whatever.
What does this have to do with the watch?  Not much, really.  Only that for some unknown reason, the makers printed a stylized representation of Nessie's head drifting above the Loch with either a sun or moon behind her. Below the pic are the words 165 Feet, which I guess is the depth of Nessie's magical lair in the abyssal deeps of Loch Ness.  
Also, beneath the word RELIC is the word wet.  The watch is not wet. However,  Loch Ness is wet, so there you go. 
Most people would not have been able to decipher this cryptozoological cryptograph, but I'm on top of things.  You're welcome.
Oh, yeah, I almost forgot.  The word RELIC reversed is CILER.  I think I remember reading that CILER is the secret Scotch word for "He who solves the watch puzzle is a, like, way buff hottie, and well read to boot.  Women want him, men want to be him. Peace." That sounds about right.
Oh, man, I almost forgot something else.  I really did read that some "scientists" have speculated that Nessie is a common sea-cow.  Lots of people name their land-cows Bessie, hence - Sea-cow = Nessie.  Why I think this makes sense I have no idea, but it makes as much sense as naming your land-cow 'Bessie'.
Another piece of the puzzle pops into place. 
BTW, this is a nice watch and is in absolutely perfect condition.