M-I-C-K-E-Y  M-O-U-S-A

Mickey Mouse is American.  As American as deep fried Snickers, ghetto blasters, and serial killers.
Mickey are for kids, just like Trix.  Only MIckey is a mouse, not a bunny.  And Mickey Mouse gave skagwags like Britney Spears and Xtina Hagulera their start in showbiz.  The Trix bunny just tries to steal food from children.
Seiko, however, is not American.  Seiko is Nipponese.  That's Japanese for Japanese.  So the Nipponese are Japanese but call themselves Nipponese.  Actually, I don't know what they call themselves because I only know a little Japanese.  His name is Hondo and he taught me the phrases, "Wa kari masu ka?" and "Wa kari masu".  These mean, respectively, "Do you understand?" and "I understand". Which I don't, because I don't speak Japanese.
Oh, wait.  I do know the word "Kinjiro" which means "oh, no you don't," or "don't go there," and "hai" which when you say it sounds like you mean the opposite of low, but in Japanese means "yes".  I also know "Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto," which translates as, "Thank you very much-o, Mr. Roboto," but it's not a phrase that has much practical application.
We almost got off topic there.  So let's focus, shall we?
This is a very nice watch.  It's a Seiko Mickey Mouse Chronograph and is a surprisingly high-end watch.  It is in very good condition and runs like a Deere, even though they say nothing runs like a Deere.  This does. So they lie. Or, maybe it runs like a Trane, because you can't stop a Trane.  I would say it takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin' but that's what you say about a nice Timex, and anyway I haven't licked it.  Much.
Like the Mr. Roboto thing, I can't see much practical application for this watch.  I mean, the only place you could really wear it is if you were like an aupair to some wee little Rothschild babies (Rothschildren?) who were scared of your Rolex because it didn't have Mickey Mouse on the face. Otherwise, it would be weird.  I mean, it's a cartoon mouse.  You're an adult.  Go get yourself a Timex or an Armitron or something that doesn't have a cartoon on it.  A calculator would be fine.  Chicks dig dudes with calculator watches.  Add a short-sleeve button down dress shirt (pocket protectors are de rigeur), K-mart 'imperfect' slacks and  velcro sneakers and you'll never sleep alone again.  If you can work a tissue stuck in one nostril because you have persistent agoraphobic nosebleeds, you'll be top o' the heap.  And a pimple. Don't forget the pimple.  Try to cultivate it with bacon/pizza grease applied three times daily.  Location should be forehead, dead center.  A well cared for zit should be approximately one-third as large as your nose, be colored angry reddish purple at the base flowing into a perfectly smooth, throbbing whitehead.  It should pop explosively and squirt blood and pus onto the letterman jacket of the quarterback's girlfriend when she asks you what the answer to number five on the mid-quarter exam is.
Just please leave Mickey out of it.