Is that you, George?

It certainly is the same color as George Hamilton;  a deep, deep golden fried gold.
However, this little watch will use nowhere near the electricity that the big George uses to keep himself golden and crispy in his home tanning salon. 
Eh, you know what?  I'm too tired to be clever.  This is a watch. Hamilton made it.  It's for the ladeez.  It works and is in okay condition.  I don't really care for it.  It's bland.  It's boring. 
If you like it and want to buy it, then I meant to say that it is a really excellent watch designed for only the highest class of ladies and that a watch this nice can't possibly be sold for under $10,000.  And that's a bargain considering all the dates and gifts and promotions this watch could possibly bring to you. 

I take PayPal.


You seem to be losing your color.

Here's another watch by Hamilton.  I think Hamilton is an American company, but the watch is Swiss.  Neat.  It's gold, but not as gold as it's companion above, which I guess means it hasn't been in the sun for a while. 
It's a nice watch and all, and works real good and there ain't a thing in the world the matter with it. It's just a little boring.  Well, a lot boring.  It's so little.  I mean, I know ladies typically are smaller than men which means they have smaller wrists.  But, this watch is just itty bitty.  You have to wear a monocle to see the hands.  And women in monocles look sort of odd, what with their tuxedos and rat-tail mustachios and what not. 
So, what I mean to say is that watch companies need to cut out the extreme sizing.  On one hand you have the dinner plate sized watches, and on the other you have these 0.00000001 micron sized watches.  They should all take a cue from Lord Buddha and try for the middle ground.
Om mani padme hung.  Om mani padme hung. Om mani padme hung. Om mani padme hung. Om mani padme hung. Namo Amhita Buddha.