Luis Santini, the enigma.

I Googled Luis Santini watches.  I got very few hits that were appropriate to my search.  Very mysterious.
Here's what I discovered:
Luis Santini is owned by Hooty Enterprises out of Miami, Florida.  Right off, that tells you loads about Luis.  I mean, Hooty just screams class.  Like Hootie and the  Blowfish.  They are practically the new millenium's answer to the Beatles. 
Like Hootie, Luis Santini is trying really hard to be high-tone and upscale.
You can see a prime example of this in the picture to your left. 
It's not a bad looking watch, right?  Nothing super special, but not bad.  Take a closer look.  What color is the metal?  Gold, you answer. 
You are correct. The metal is Gold...colored.  It's so gold it's no longer gold.  It's what someone who has never seen real gold thinks real gold looks like.
This watch wants people to think it's real gold.  Unfortunately, most people will take one look and shake their heads in pity.  It wants so bad to be gold that it turned itself into a joke.  It's not an isolated phenomenon.  Just look at George Hamilton or Jocelyn Wildenstein or Michael Jackson.  Sad.
Another oddity is the Luis Santini logo.  To me, it looks like one of two things;  1.  A Knight's helm with a heraldic fur tail or his lady's hanky flying from it,  or 2.  Homer Simpson with a ponytail.
A website detailing the trademark registration info claims it represents -
02.03.02 - Silhouettes of women; Women depicted as shadows or silhouettes of women
02.03.17 - Pigtails; Ponytails; Women with ponytails or pigtails
02.03.22 - Busts of women in profile; Heads of women in profile; Portraiture of women in profile; Women - head, portraiture or busts in profile
26.11.21 - Rectangles that are completely or partially shaded
If it does represent the head of a woman, then that woman has an upper lip that will knock your momma out.  Said woman would be able to motorboat your tummy like all getout. Strange choice for a logo.
Odd logo or not, here are the specs for the watch:

Luis Santini
Ladies model
Band and case made of shynee, gold colored metal.
Japanese quartz movement
In pristine, never been worn condition.


Rating:  Watch - Three Longines, Logo - Zero Longines.